Google AdWords

Buying advertising from a search engine, we not only get a guaranteed result, but also hurt feelings of the SEO specialists of your competitors.

    Contextual advertising can bring customers to your site in different ways.

    On request – Responds to requests in the search engine directly. Promotional offer will appear in the search results for a specific query.

    By behavior – Focuses on user behavior data on the Internet. The promotional offer will neatly fit into the content of the site that the user is currently viewing.

    If you need
    • Increase sales of your service or product
    • Increase traffic to your site
    • Increase your brand awareness
    • Reduce the cost of your advertising campaigns
    We will give you
    • We will create a contextual advertising campaign with a call to action/purchase
    • We will create a campaign of an informational nature to increase the maximum flow of traffic to your web resource.
    • Together with our designer we will make for you a banner advertising campaign that will introduce a large number of users to your brand.
    • We will optimize advertising campaign expenses depending on your preferences.

    Steps to Success

    No ripped off deadlines and misunderstandings.

    Our stages of work are clear and intelligible.

    Briefing and Analysis
    With your answers to our questions, we will analyse your business, select a strategy and identify advertising campaign goals.
    Selection of keywords, create ads
    Prepare a wide range semantic core based on the chosen strategy. Create announcements for each core cluster.
    Setting up a campaign
    Setting up an advertising campaign, targeting, geo-targeting, selection of time and days for ads, selection of devices for displaying advertising and so on.
    Handing over the finished project
    We present you a finished project and report on the work we have done.
    Analytics and project support
    Monthly analysis on the work done, the adjustment of rates and keywords depending on the wishes of the client or a variable advertising strategy.


    You don’t know yet why you should choose us?

    Agile & Scrum ready team
    The combination of expertise and tools in integrated solutions. Conducting events using web and mobile applications, interactive tools.
    Challenger’s attitude
    We are not afraid of complex solutions and voluminous projects. Every day we take on more complex challenges and become stronger and more professional.
    Loyal Support
    We are not one of those guys that completed the order and move on. We are ready to support projects / startups throughout their formation on the market.
    We Work Around The World
    We are not limited to one point on the map, we have all the resources to work with you, wherever you are. Moving to Bangladesh? Well, have a nice flight and call us :)

    Google AdWords

    Search engines allocate more and more premium space for paid contextual advertising. You should take your place.
    • Guaranteed flow of your target audience to your resource (website, landing page, page in social network)
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Convenient advertising resource that can be changed to fit your needs (whether it is permanent shares or a global image company)

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