Custom Website Development

Based on your requirements we develop customized responsive web development solutions for your unique business challenges.

    It is face of your company and it must looks great.

    One of the most important tools for your business is your website. It’s a tool that help your to turn online traffic into customers and distinguishes your company from competitors.

    If you need
    • Custom solutions
    • Grow your sales
    • Mobile friendly website
    • Stand out from the competition
    • To be always online
    • Accept payments
    We will give you
    • We create complex layered system
    • We specialize in building amazing websites that convert to sales.
    • We create responsive websites that will give your customers a much better mobile experience. Also your mobile friendly website will have higher search rankings
    • We will make your business individual and highlight you from competitors.
    • Your website will represent your company and sell goods to happy customers every day, any time 24/7
    • We connect global financial tools that can be used to accept payments and build businesses

    Steps to Success

    No ripped off deadlines and misunderstandings.

    Our stages of work are clear and intelligible.

    Planning and Requirement Analysis
    The first and the most important step. We analyze project needs, plan the final scope and lay out on phases
    Defining Requirements
    Develop requirements in the form of functional document for every project phase.
    Prototyping & Design
    Creating user flow, building wireframes and drawing sketches. Selection of color palette, the distribution of visual and text space.
    First we make responsive and mobile friendly frontend development and second we transform user interface into working website
    Testing & Deployment
    Testing complete functionality of entire website. Once we get green light from quality assurance team we deploy a website to secured hosting.
    Our work doesn’t end after deployment. We are working with customers feedback and make improvements. We stay with you and provide with technical and marketing support as long as you need it.

    Custom Website Development

    A good website is not just form with buttons, it’s the quality of every single page and element and flawless performance. For every website project we have team of professionals including:
    • account manager
    • business analyst
    • marketer
    • web developer

    Our plans

    We offer multiple solutions for your digital product starting from analysis to production

    Custom Website
    • Market and competitors analysis
    • Sitemap and structural prototype
    • Prototype of each landing page
    • Main page style-forming design
    • Each internal page design
    • Google Adwords
    • SEO
    • SMM
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    Online Shop
    • Sitemap and structural prototype
    • Main page style-forming design
    • Catalog and filters design
    • Product card design
    • Buying process design
    • Each internal page design
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    Basic Website
    • Sitemap and structural prototype
    • Main page style-forming design
    • Each internal page design
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    Landing Page
    • Sitemap and structural prototype
    • One page design
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development


    You don’t know yet why you should choose us?

    Agile & Scrum ready team
    Our company uses Agile philosophy and Scrum framework to provide thorough  strategy, effective process and the best result.
    Innovative Solutions
    Well-run methods with a pinch of new vision - the perfect solution in any situation. Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower. Are you with us?
    Challenger’s attitude
    We are not afraid of complex solutions and voluminous projects. Every day we take on more complex challenges and become stronger and more professional.
    Loyal Support
    We are not one of those guys that completed the order and move on. We are ready to support projects / startups throughout their formation on the market.

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